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Professor Steff Lewis and Dr Martyn Pickersgill appointed Directors of Research

The Usher Board is delighted to have appointed Professor Steff Lewis and Dr Martyn Pickersgill as co-Directors of Research.

Professor Igor Rudan stepped down as Director of Research for the Usher Institute at the end of 2018.  During his term research income and activity has grown significantly.  He remains on the Usher Board as co-Head of Centre for Global Health Research.

The Usher Board is delighted to have the complementary expertise of both Professor Steff Lewis and Dr Martyn Pickersgill, who join the Usher Board for a 3-year term. 

Steff Lewis and Martyn Pickersgill

Professor Steff Lewis

Steff Lewis is Professor of Medical Statistics, and is based in the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit (ECTU).  ECTU is hosted by the Centre for Population Health Sciences within the Usher Institute. Steff has extensive experience in meta-analysis (including involvement in the Cochrane Collaboration) and randomised trials. She is currently deputy chair of the UK-CRC registered Trials Units Statistics Subgroup, and is on the UK-CRC Task and Finish Group on data sharing. She manages the statistics group in the UK-CRC registered Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit, and is leading Edinburgh Clinical Trials Network. Steff is an independent expert on the Data Monitoring Committees of several randomised trials, and has extensive experience in the design, conduct and analysis of trials in a range of clinical areas.

Dr Martyn Pickersgill

Martyn is Wellcome Trust Reader in Social Studies of Biomedicine. Based in the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society within the Usher Institute, he conducts research in the social sciences and medical humanities. Martyn's primary expertise is in the sociology of biomedicine and mental health. In particular, his work has considered the social, historical, and normative dimensions of epigenetics, neuroscience, and psychiatry.

The Usher Institute Board

​​The Usher Institute Board is responsible collectively for management, policy and strategy of the Institute. 

In addition to the two new Directors of Research, the Board consists of the

  • Director, Professor Aziz Sheikh; 
  • Deputy Director/Acting Dean, Professor Harry Campbell; 
  • Heads of Centres, Professors John Norrie/Igor Rudan/Cathie Sudlow/David Weller and Drs Sarah Chan/Martyn Pickersgill;  
  • Director of Education, Dr Jeni Harden; 
  • Director of Innovation, Dr Kathrin Cresswell; 
  • Director of Knowledge Exchange and Research Impact, Professor John Frank; 
  • Senior Research Strategy Manager, Alex Peden; 
  • Senior Responsible Officer for the Data-Driven Innovation Hub, Professor Nick Mills;
  • Business Manager, Vivien Smith.

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