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Usher Institute Forum and Xmas Gathering

Many staff and students from across the Usher Institute celebrated successes of 2018 at our latest Forum event.

Usher Institute Forum

The Usher Forum offers a chance for all our staff and students to get together in person and hear about key updates, successes and opportunities ahead.  We hold the Forum twice a year and include a series of short presentations from new staff, major new grants, updates on our teaching and learning activities and opportunities for discussion and networking.

We held a Forum on 13 December 2018, in the Debating Hall at Teviot Row House. We were privileged to have Charlie Jeffery and Catherine Elliott join us.


  • Welcome & Director’s Update – Aziz Sheikh
  • New in Usher: Linda Bauld, Bruce and John Usher Professor of Public Health – Cancer prevention and policy research
  • New in Usher: Bruce Guthrie, Professor of General Practice
  • New in Usher: Sarah Stock, WT Clinical Career Development Fellow – Co-Opt study
  • Charlie Jeffery, Senior VP: City Region Deal/DDI and Advanced Care Research Centre
  • New in Usher: Nick Mills, Senior Responsible Officer for Usher Data-Driven Innovation
  • Catherine Elliott/Nick Mills – CMVM Estate/Usher Institute new building update
  • Discussion regarding Usher City Region Deal/ Data-Driven Innovation Hub/ New Usher Institute Building: Charlie Jeffery/Nick Mills/Catherine Elliott/Aziz Sheikh
  • New in Usher: Alex Peden, Senior Research Strategy Manager
  • Opportunities: Postgraduate Teaching - Ruth McQuillan, Niall Anderson
  • Opportunities: NHS Digital Academy, Claudia Pagliari
  • Opportunities: Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), Mehrdad Mizani
  • Update: Nominations Committee – Harry Campbell

It was great to see so many of both our staff and students attending, and contributing to the discussions.

Our next Forum event will be held in the spring. Suggestions for content very welcome, please email if you have an idea for consideration.

Jess, Emma and Norma at the Usher Christmas Gathering 2018
Jess, Emma and Norma at the Usher Christmas Gathering 2018

Christmas Gathering

We followed the December Forum with festive refreshments and plenty of time to speak to colleagues from across the Institute.