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Asthma registry to improve participation in research studies

REACH is a database which securely stores information about people in the UK affected by asthma and who want to take part in research studies.

Run by the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research, its purpose is to connect researchers with these people who want to take part in asthma research.

The challenge we face in asthma research

According to Asthma UK, 5.4 million people in the UK are receiving treatment for asthma. Despite the currently available treatments, it is estimated that three people a day die from asthma in the UK.

Research studies are key to finding solutions for preventing asthma, and also for helping people to manage their symptoms on a daily basis.

We know that many people who would like to take part in asthma studies never hear about opportunities to take part. Likewise, researchers often have difficulty finding enough people to take part in their studies; especially if they are looking for a people of a certain age, or a particular gender, or with a particular type of asthma.

How does REACH work?

Having a database means that we can easily find people from across the UK who may be able to take part in asthma research to help improve the care of asthma – and connect them directly with researchers.

If you have asthma, you can register to add your contact details to the secure REACH database. Contacts are notified if their details match a study and can choose if they wish to take part.

I signed up because I want to get involved in asthma research, so this is the perfect opportunity. Now I’m part of REACH, I can be contacted if my details match a study.

REACH member

Find out more about the process on the REACH website.

How you can help

Do you have asthma? Have you ever thought about taking part in research? Read the ‘5 Reasons to Register for REACH’

Could you help raise awareness of REACH and build the database of participants? Get in touch on for copies of leaflets and other promotional material.