Usher Institute

Science Festival 2019

Members of the Usher Institute have been busy delivering events as part of this year’s Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Events from members of the Usher Institute included:

Family Day at the Scottish Parliament

On Saturday 6 April Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Dr Sonja Erikainen and Stephanie Sinclair from the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society took part in a family day at the Scottish Parliament as part of Edinburgh International Science Festival.

They ran activities with visitors of all ages to explore data, artificial intelligence and what healthcare might look like in the future. Children had some fantastic ideas including robot nurses (or ‘rourse’ for short) and hospitals with ice-cream parlours and discos!

Game On!

Dr Artei Manataki led a series of workshops during the festival where children experienced a hands-on, playful introduction to computer programming. They explored the exciting world of video games, learned the basics of coding in a visual programming language called Scratch and designed and built their very own computer game!

Diagnosing with Data

Professor Nick Mills and Dr Sarah Chan were joined by Dr Angus Ferguson from the Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care, in an evening discussion event exploring the opportunities for harnessing 'big data' in modern healthcare. Edinburgh BioQuarter Programme sponsored the event, and included a review on their website.

Read more on the Edinburgh BioQuarter Programme website