Edinburgh Imaging

Newton Mobility Grant awarded to Edinburgh Imaging

This collaboration will strengthen the good bilateral relations that UK and Turkey share, through the start of a collaborative work between the University of Edinburgh and the Bogazici University.

The Royal Society offers Newton mobility grants to provide international researchers with funding towards travel, subsistence and research expenses for  bilateral visits to strengthen emerging collaborations. We are delighted that our Dr Maria Valdes-Hernandez has been awarded this grant in collaboration with Dr Esin Ozturk Isik from Turkey.

Their collaboration will allow them to carry out a feasibility study of obtaining high-resolution spectroscopy images using data fusion techniques.


1) To develop a pipeline to increase the resolution of magnetic resonance

spectroscopy images to:

a) Provide the international scientific and research community a technique to

study tissue microstructure and metabolic changes in neurological diseases

b) Increase research output by optimising tissue characterisation complementing

the information from multimodal and multispectral magnetic resonance imaging

with the application of this technique

2) To explore the feasibility of extrapolating the principle of the technique

developed to results obtained from the emerging field of compressed sensing

3) To explore new avenues for collaboration between the laboratory led by the

Applicant, and the Department of Neuroimaging Sciences  (University of Edinburgh)


Full details of the proposal are attached below.