Edinburgh Imaging

26 Oct 16. Lecture - Online stroke training

Prof Andrew Farrall today delivered his invited lecture "On-line Training Resources to Help Improve your Stroke Image Reading Skills" at the 10th World Stroke Congress in Hyderabad.

Prof Andrew Farrall at the World Stroke Congress on 26 Oct 2016


Key learning objectives for today's lecture were for delegates to:

  • understand the context of online learning & training in stroke imaging
  • explain the benefits & problems of online learning & training
  • list key findings from research involving online CT scan review
  • know what online resources are available

Prof Farrall lectured to a packed room accommodating 100 delegates, & spend an hour after his talk fielding questions informally. 

His was the last lecture in the teaching session, "how to improve your stroke image reading ability", chaired by Prof Keith Muir (University of Glasgow, UK) & Dr Bijoy Menon (University of Calgary, Canada).

Edinburgh Imaging resources Prof Farrall included in his lecture were: