Edinburgh Imaging

05 Dec 16. Award - KTP retina

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between the University of Edinburgh & Optos plc, & also funded by Innovate UK, has been awarded the highest accolade.

Dr Tom MacGillivray of Edinburgh Imaging, led a KTP between the University of Edinburgh & Optos plc, which saw an academic postdoctoral researcher embedded in industry for 15 months.

The partnership aimed to enhance Optos’ software product stream, through collaboration with the University by adding new features to software that it is hoped will eventually enable eyecare professionals to use, to review patients’ images for signs of high blood pressure.

The independent review panel were very impressed by how the project had managed to successfully translate expertise in quantifying retinal features in Optos ophthalmoscope images into software to generate clinically useful measures.

Congratulations to the joint University-Industry team on receiving such fantastic recognition on this KTP project, involving retinal imaging software for improving healthcare.

Retinal Image
Image of a retina obtained via the University of Edinburgh Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Optos plc.