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13 Dec 17. Job-Radiographer

This is an exciting opportunity for a Radiographer looking to be actively involved in MRI research imaging projects.

27 Nov 17. Job - PhD vacancy (DTP6)

Project Details - Multimodal MRI methods to quantify blood-brain barrier dysfunction in the ageing brain (iCase)

27 Nov 17. Job - PhD vacancy (DTP5)

Project Details - Exploring the eye as a site for virtual biopsy to detect and track of chronic kidney disease (iCase)

27 Nov 17. Job - PhD vacancy (DTP4)

Project Details - Functional brain connectivity to reveal the relationships between seizures, cognition and behaviour in children with epilepsy

27 Nov 17. Job - PhD vacancy (DTP3)

Project Details - In vivo live imaging and single cell gene expression analysis of macrophages during tumour initiation

27 Nov 17. Job - PhD vacancy (DTP2)

This PhD aims to determine CT biomarkers of post-stroke dementia for prognosis, and thus identify targets for future trials of individualized therapies.

21 Nov 17. Mark Rodrigues wins medal

Mark was awarded the Scottish Radiological Society's Anne Hollman Medal.

15 Nov 17. Brain Structures give clues

Chimpanzee brains may be more different from those of humans than was previously thought, according to new research that sheds light on our evolution.