Edinburgh Imaging

02 Nov 16. Winners - imaging's got talent

Congratulations to winning PhD presenters from engineering, chemistry, psychology & biology at the Imaging's Got Talent evening, an event which highlights the collaborative partnerships with Edinburgh Imaging, including between the University of Edinburgh & Heriot Watt University.

Seven speakers delivered thought provoking presentations, illustrating how imaging is woven through research across many disciplines.

The attentive audience asked insightful questions, making the evening a great success.


Neutrophil elastase imaging for patient stratification.

Congratulations to Thane Campbell for winning the prize for the 'best use of slides to enhance your presentation'.


Attentional differences in individuals with high autistic traits

Well done to Stuart Conlan & David for winning the prize for the 'most interesting talk'.


Are plastic nanomedicines safe?

Congratulations to Leagh Powell for winning her prize 'for explaining her research in laymans terms'.


A bottle of wine also goes to Catherine and Irena for asking the best questions to the presenters -  enjoy!

Well done to all our participants, and thank you to our judges:

  • Prof Joanna Wardlaw
  • Dr Ann Wheeler
  • Dr Grant Mair