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01 Nov 16. Update - ENCHANTED study

The ENCHANTED study is a global public health study which aims to improve treatment given to stroke patients.

Prof Joanna Wardlaw of Edinburgh Imaging, collaborates with Prof Richard Lindley, Professor of Geriatric Medicine at Sydney Medical School, in Australia.

Prof Lindley received $2.4 million in NHMRC funding last year to carry out the ENCHANTED study.

The ENCHANTED study is a global public health study. It aims to improve stroke patient treatment, & includes an international clinical trial to test if clot busting can be made safer using a lower dose  of clot busting drugs. ENCHANTED will go on to test the effectiveness of immediate blood pressure lowering for those treated with clot busters.

ENCHANTED will involve more than 3000 people in Australia, China, Europe, SE Asia & South America.


A safer and more effective regime could have a major public health impact. It could revolutionise the way we treat stroke and make treatment available to many more patients around the world.

Prof Lindley, ENCHANTED Study lead


One of Prof Lindley's main collaborators is Prof Joanna Wardlaw, a world expert on brain imaging for stroke from the CCBS & Edinburgh Imaging at the University of Edinburgh.


Joanna and I have worked together since 1990 & were part of an international collaboration that helped redefine neuroimaging terms. With Joanna’s involvement in the ENCHANTED study, we are getting the best possible advice for our brain imaging analyses & data collection and subsequent publication.

Professor Lindley, ENCHANTED Study lead


The first stage of ENCHANTED has been published in NEJM in June 2016 with promising results – the lower dose was associated with a marked reduction in the rate of subsequent brain haemorrhage.