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Edinburgh students win ISMRM Magna Cum Laude awards

Three PhD students from Edinburgh Imaging, received the Magna Cum Laude Merit award from ISMRM this year. Many congratulations to Paul Kennedy, Eric Barnhill and Yolanda Sourgia-Koutraki.

The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) has recognized these three PhD students from The University of Edinburgh, by presenting them with the Magna Cum Laude Merit award.

The award is bestowed on ISMRM's student members if the abstract has been rated by the five reviewers to be among the top 15% in their category.

Very well done to Yolanda, Paul and Eric.


The list of awarded abstracts are presented below:

Stationary Super-Resolution Multi-Frequency Magnetic Resonance Elastography (SSR-MMRE) of the Human Brain Eric Barnhill, Ingolf Sack, Jürgen Braun, Jens Würfel, Colin Brown, Edwin van Beek, and Neil Roberts

Mechanical properties and force output of quadriceps muscle following eccentric exercise P Kennedy, L MacGregor, E Barnhill, A Cooper, L Hiscox, C Brown, J Braun, I Sack, E van Beek, A Hunter, CL Johnson, and N Roberts

Automatic detection of inflammatory ‘hotspots’ in abdominal aortic aneurysms to identify patients at risk of aneurysm expansion and rupture Yolanda Georgia Koutraki, Chengjia Wang, Jennifer Robson, Olivia Mcbride, Rachael O. Forsythe, Tom J. MacGillivray, Calum D. Gray, Keith Goatman, J. Camilleri-Brennan, David E. Newby, and Scott I. Semple.