Edinburgh Local

Edinburgh Local Update

The Edinburgh Local Team would like to share how we will be working during the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Contacting us: It’s best to contact us on email. We are now working remotely with no access to the Edinburgh Local phoneline at present.

Community Grants: We are still taking applications for our next round of community grants and working with current recipients to manage and adapt their projects over the coming months.

Digital Ambassadors: For the protection of our staff and students, as well as the often vulnerable groups we work with, we will be suspending the Digital Ambassadors programme until the situation improves.

Our Community Engagement Strategy: We have unfortunately had to cancel our upcoming community consultation, but we are working on ways to conduct this in an alternative format. We will review forthcoming activity in the light of the new, ever-changing situation. As promised, we will keep you involved and up-to-date as our work progresses.

Both the University and the City are facing an unprecedented challenge at this time, but we can take it on together.