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A new website and free app called Curious Edinburgh explores the history of the city and its role in science, technology and medicine.

Curious Edinburgh is a University of Edinburgh collaboration between historians, IT experts and local communities which is helping students, local people and tourists discover more about our great and historic city.

Edinburgh skyline

The fascinating information on the website and app will help users find key places and orientate themselves in the city. At each stop, pictures and text will bring history to life.

The virtual tours can be taken on foot or using public transport.  Each lasts about two hours and is designed to inspire and inform, amuse and entertain.

They cover a wide range of topics of general interest, including some with a local or international feel, including:

  • General Science Tour
  • History of Geology
  • History of Physics
  • History of Medicine
  • History of Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Jewish History
  • History of Brewing
  • India and Edinburgh: The Old Town
  • India and Edinburgh: The New Town

Edinburgh has so many interesting stories to tell.  We hope people will view the city with different eyes once they understand better the important role it has played in the history of science, technology and medicine.

Dr Niki VermeulenScience, Technology and Innovation Studies

Earlier this year, Dr Vermeulen, one of the creators of Curious Edinburgh, was awarded the Tam Dalyell Prize for Excellence in Engaging the Public with Science.

She and her co-creators are planning to offer more options and are keen to hear from anyone with ideas for new tours.

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