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Experienced teacher needed for research project

Researchers at the University are looking to hire an experienced teacher to help turn a piece of research into a teaching resource and advice where it would best fit into the curriculum.

‘The Abortion Act (1967): A Biography’ is a research project currently being undertaken by historians and lawyers at the Universities of Edinburgh and Kent (2016-19). We are examining how this tenacious legislation has been interpreted and perceived over its 50-year life, within a rapidly changing social and medical context. Further details can be found at: https://www.kent.ac.uk/law/aa1967/index.html.

The project will result in a website/online exhibition that presents our key research findings to tell the story of the Abortion Act in an interesting and accessible way.

It will offer a range of research materials that include a navigable timeline of the Abortion Act containing sound clips from the interviews we’ve undertaken, text and visual material from the archives which tells the story of the Abortion Act and illustrates major controversies and negotiations in its history. 

Teacher needed

We are keen to make this website a useful free teaching resource for secondary school children in the UK. We would therefore like to employ one or more educational consultants with the expertise to help us decide where our resource would best fit the curriculum, or where it might sit as an effective case study, and to help us to tailor and advertise the content accordingly.

We need an experienced teacher in the subjects that abortion might feature. We are particularly interested in law and politics, to escape the ‘traditional’ places where abortion might be debated and because we have a significant focus on legislation and parliamentary strategy, but would also consider history, religious or social studies etc.


The time frame is flexible within the academic year 2018-19, and an initial budget of £3500 is available, with the possibility of additional funds. Anyone interested should contact Dr Gayle Davis, University of Edinburgh, Gayle.Davis@ed.ac.uk