Edinburgh Local

Projects previously funded

Since 2017 we've provided more than £180,000 to over 40 incredibly worthwhile community projects across the Edinburgh City Region.

Here you'll find information on all of the funded projects to date, as well as inspiring stories behind some of the projects.

Round 5 - Autumn 2019

Intercultural Youth Scotland
Projects funded in round 5 of the Community Grants Scheme.

Round 4 - Spring 2019

Starbank Park
Projects funded in round four of the Community Grants Scheme.

Round 3 - Autumn 2018

Gaelic in the community
Projects funded in round three of the Community Grants Scheme.

Round 2 - Spring 2018

Community grants scheme funds local projects
Projects funded in round two of the Community Grants Scheme.

Round 1 - Autumn 2017

Projects funded in round one of the Community Grants Scheme.

Case studies

Community partners
The projects funded through the Edinburgh Local Community Grants Scheme are doing great work across the city. Read the inspirational stories from some of the projects.

We hope we can contribute to communities and support some of the fantastic local organisations who are doing great work in the Edinburgh region.

Hugh Edmiston, Director of Corporate Services Group at the University of Edinburgh