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Find out what it's like to be a volunteer or student on our Digital Skills course.


Every Thursday for six weeks, student volunteers from the Digital Ambassadors project have been tutoring local women in digital skills with the organisation Amina MWRC (Muslim Women’s Resource Centre). These learners come from diverse backgrounds and often have English as a second language. The classes have been mutually beneficial: women of different ages and backgrounds learn how to use digital devices, like smartphones and tablets more confidently, while volunteers have the chance to get to know women from different communities and develop useful skills in tutoring, communication and using their initiative to solve problems.

During this project, befriending and English language practice have gone hand-in-hand with improved digital skills. Ioana, a volunteer from the University, and Izabela, a learner, reflect on their experience:

As a student, I spend the majority of my time within the University campus. This experience has aided me in interacting with the local community as well as developing my communication skills. Being a non-native English speaker, I had to sit IELTS (International English Language Testing System) myself and I wanted to help Izabela improve her digital knowledge and have someone to speak to in English, because I know how important it is to have someone to practice conversation in a foreign language with. Apart from that, I have met very inspiring learners and volunteers from diverse backgrounds and I have spent a valuable time with them. I would recommend this opportunity as a Digital Ambassador to anyone who would like to develop their communication skills and meet great people in a friendly environment.

Ioana BuzdugaThird Year Student

I find this course really useful for me. I have looked for many opportunities to improve my English. I can speak with new people in English to develop my vocabulary. I got a chance to communicate one to one with Ioana, who is a student volunteer from Edinburgh Uni. It was very helpful to practice my English. I would like to pass the IELTS exam soon so I think it was a good choice to attend this course. I can develop my knowledge of digital literacy, like using different applications to practice for IELTS. I can learn about digital tools like Google Drive, YouTube and how to watch the films with English subtitles. 

IzabelaLearner from Amina MWRC

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