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University outreach centre provides new space for community projects and partnerships

Located on the busy thoroughfare of Nicolson Street in Edinburgh’s Southside, the new outreach centre has to date been used by a range of community projects and partnerships based at the University.

The Community Hub - named “Dick Vet in the Community” due to it originating from staff at the University’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies - provides an easily accessible and central location for their All4Paws community project.  


All4Paws are a team of dedicated staff and students at the University’s Vet School who provide free veterinary services to the pets of people who are homeless or vulnerably housed.  

The project has proven extremely popular with increased interest over recent months, not only from people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness, but also from those who are unable to afford veterinary care and from support workers and nurses for the pets of people who are housebound.  

Since the space was only being used part-time by the All4Paws project, the space has been made available to a wide range of community groups who can benefit from such a well-positioned space.  

Paws, Gaels and Green Spaces 

Since the end of last year, Gaelic community group Capital Gaelic have been using the space for their Cofaidh is Cabadaich (Coffee and Chat) conversation circles in collaboration with the University’s Gaelic Officer. These meetings offer members of the public the opportunity to use their Gaelic in an informal and friendly environment and make connections with other learners and speakers from across the city.  

More recently, the space has also been used for one-off events and projects, including for research with the University’s Groundswell initiative. Groundswell staff used the site as a hub for a day-long research event, asking participants to take a walk around the local area wearing technology which would determine air quality along the route.  

Paws on Campus, the University’s “therapet” service for students, have also been using the space since it opened last year, offering an opportunity for students to take a break from their studies and engage in mindfulness practices, helped by a few furry friends!  

Paws on Campus participants petting golden retriever in 127 Nicolson Street.
Paws on Campus participants petting golden retriever in 127 Nicolson Street.

Other community groups using the space have included a networking event for the parents of children in Gaelic Medium Education and a gathering for British Sign Language users.   

Looking forward 

The project is now well-signed and fully equipped with WiFi, tables and chairs, and tea and coffee making facilities. We continue to welcome new users. If you are interested in using the space or have any questions about the project, please get in touch with us below. 

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