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60 seconds with Gavin Donoghue: our reformed Community Board

We spoke to Gavin Donoghue, Deputy Director of Stakeholder Relations, to hear about how the recently reformed Community Board is designed to help the University achieve the commitments laid out in the Community Plan.

Gavin Donoghue, Deputy Director, Stakeholder Relations
Gavin Donoghue, Deputy Director, Stakeholder Relations

Last year, despite the challenges of Covid-19, the University launched its new Community Plan. This plan is one of the many ways we intend to deliver on our Strategy 2030, which places social and civic responsibility at the forefront of our ambitions. The new plan reasserts our commitment to work with communities to deliver positive change locally, and makes it clear that we want to be a University of, with, and for Edinburgh and the wider region.

As part of our commitment to deliver on what we promise, we undertook to be open and transparent with our communities about who is responsible for delivering aspects of the new plan at the University, so local residents and groups can contact us if they want to get involved, or if any issues arise.

We have now reformed the Community Board, which oversees our plan, in order to increase representation from colleagues across the University, as we know that for the plan to be successful, a whole-institution approach is required. We have also brought onto the Board a member from a community partner organisation, in order to give us a valuable external perspective on our activities.

We will shortly publish information about the members of the Community Board and Community Team, who are responsible for the implementation of this plan, on our Edinburgh Local webpages so that anyone who wishes to contact us can do so.

We hope to hear from you soon but, In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch with the Community Team, please email:  Local@ed.ac.uk