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Our Edinburgh Neighbourhood - call for engagement

Our Edinburgh Neighbourhood is a project looking at improving community consultations. A new Urban Room will be located in Waverley Mall from 14 June to 8 July.

We know that current community engagement for planning and development has not kept pace with change in recent times. Working closely with the Quality of Life Foundation, the University of Edinburgh is exploring how both digital platforms and physical spaces can reach more people; especially those who've been excluded in the past. We also want to know how best to use venues as a home for community engagement. Our Edinburgh Neighbourhood is a part of a Four Nations Project called Community Consultation and Quality of Life and is also based in Reading, Cardiff and Belfast.

Our Edinburgh Neighbourhood Urban Room

We are testing how well physical rooms work for community engagement. We are hosting an Urban room from 14 June to 8 July on the top floor of Waverley Mall. We want to invite you to test our space with your own organisation's engagement activity and feedback your experience.

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