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How to apply

Read everything you need to know about about the application process, eligibility to apply, and some tips for success.

The application process is simple and a member of the Edinburgh Local team will be on hand to support you if you have any questions, just contact local@ed.ac.uk.

Oyne Primary School, with Maggie Hearne (back) and Ruth Hassan (middle)

The application form is toward the bottom of this page, along with tips for success and a guidance document. 

Applications for our Spring grants are now closed.

Applications for the autumn round will open in October 2020. 

There are now two deadlines each year for applications up to £5,000, with the first one being in the autumn and the second in the spring. Additionally, as of March 2019, you can apply for up to £500 at any time. We may run additional rounds if we cannot allocate all the funds through these two rounds, so please register for our e-newsletter and/or follow our social media for updates.

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Other things to know

  • We award grants of up to a maximum of £5,000 per project, but welcome applications for less
  • Applicants may only receive one grant per project
  • We award grants for up to £500 at any time; again, we welcome applications for less
  • We do not fund projects that have already been completed

Read about the projects previously funded by the Community Grants Scheme

Tips for success

  • Clearly address the three aims of the scheme, which are to:

    • Increase engagement between the University and local communities.
    • Have a positive social impact.
    • Create learning opportunities (including informal and non-traditional forms of learning).
  • Demonstrate as clearly as possible how your project involves and/or benefits local communities living in the Edinburgh region.
  • Please ensure that you read all the information available on the website, including information in the documents you can download from the website, and make sure your submission follows the guidance we have provided.
  • We welcome ambitious and creative applications, but please make sure your application demonstrates feasibility – be realistic in what you can achieve.
  • Include as much detail as possible about your costs and how they will allow you to deliver your project.

Download the application form and guidance notes

Before starting your application, please read our checklist and the guidance notes in full; refer back to them while you write your application.


Download the application form:


Please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions before submitting your application:


If you require the application materials and guidance in another format, please email local@ed.ac.uk or call 0131 651 5000.

For current grant-holders

Final report template (please submit no later than one month after your project ends).