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28 Sep 22. Online learning: Intra-Orbital Foreign Body Review

Intra-Orbital Foreign Body Review is a short course created by the Edinburgh Imaging Academy, targeted for MR trained Radiographers.

Intra-orbital foreign body review
Intra-orbital foreign body review

The Intra-Orbital Foreign Body (IOFB) Review course is online education for MR trained Radiographers, designed to enable you to establish a programme and protocols for radiographer review of orbital radiographs for metallic intra-orbital foreign bodies, and also to develop competency in metallic IOFB identification on orbital radiographs.

It is endorsed by the Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy (IIRRT).


The short course aims to:

  • allow radiographers to establish departmental and hospital trust level policies and protocols for an enhanced MR radiographer role in metallic IOFB radiograph review
  • provide radiographers with the knowledge base to request orbital radiographs in appropriate clinical situations
  • train and test radiographers in the detection of metallic IOFBs on orbital radiographs, in the context of MR practice
  • enable immediate point-of-contact MR scanning decision making by MR radiographers, thereby:
    • enhancing patient safety (patients with metallic IOFBs are not scanned)
    • optimising MR work flow (scanning slots are not sacrificed; re-booking patients is minimized)


The IOFB Review course intake is three times per year - March, July and November.

This course is divided into didactic and assessment components:

  • The didactic component focuses mainly on six lectures spread across two modules
  • Assessments are divided into:
    • multiple choice questions (MCQs)
    • a practice assessment of IOFB orbital radiograph interpretation
    • an exit assessment of IOFB orbital radiograph interpretation


We asked Jenny Boyd-Ellison, Radiographer and main tutor for the IOFB Review course, to describe the course in more detail:


  • Who is the IOFB Review course aimed at? 

    • The IOFB course is aimed at MR radiographers who are responsible for undertaking the patient MR safety questionnaires. To access the course radiographers must have a degree in radiography or a diploma of the college of radiographers (or equivalent). 


  • What can you learn in the IOFB Review course? 

    • The course provides knowledge to aid in protocol setup for a radiographer to report MR orbital screening x-rays.  The  course includes orbital anatomy and teaches the skills to equip the radiographer to decide, whether or not, a patient requires a screening orbital x-rays following an MR safety discussion with the patient. They will learn the radiographic technique to enable the undertaking of the orbital x-ray and to report upon the image. This allows the assessment of the radiograph for the presence of metallic foreign bodies, making a diagnostic decision with regard to the safe MR scanning of the patient. 


  • What benefits can you get from our online study? 

    • The course is accessed online making it a more convenient way to study and not rigidly time scheduled. The course can be self-paced to fit around work and family commitments. 


  • What outcomes / what can you expect at the end of the IOFB Review course? 

    • The radiographer will have the training and confidence to write a protocol enabling MR radiographers to report on MR screening orbital radiographs. Radiographers will be able to perform, assess/report the orbital x-ray to permit the safe and swift assessment of the image and, how to ensure competencies are maintained. This will allow the MR examination to proceed without any delays or cancelled appointment slots caused by looking for a radiologist to report the orbital radiograph. 



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Intra-Orbital Foreign Bodies Review is a short course created by the Edinburgh Imaging Academy, targeted for MR trained Radiographers.

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