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29 Jun 22. Online learning: Applied Medical Image Analysis Cert

Applied Medical Image Analysis is a postgrad Certificate the Edinburgh Imaging Academy offers, comprised of short online courses available to take with or without University credit.

Image analysis at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI.
Image analysis at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI.

Our Applied Medical Image Analysis (AMIA) Certificate aims to disseminate medical image analysis knowledge, skills and understanding, in order to enable effective and efficient medical image analysis use, in research, clinically and in industry.

For students who complete the full Certificate, learning outcomes are to:

  • Demonstrate subject specific knowledge and understanding in theoretical and practical aspects of medical image analysis and processing.
  • Develop specialised skills and a critical understanding of advanced principles of image analysis and processing, using the MATLAB platform.
  • Gain critical insight into challenges underpinning image analysis, including image enhancement and compensating for artefacts.
  • Develop specialised skills to interpret medical images critically and to communicate the findings to a range of audiences.
  • Appraise various machine learning architectures and algorithms used in image segmentation, clustering and classification.


The postgraduate certificate takes 1-2 years to complete, if you gain 60 credits from the following five Edinburgh Imaging Academy courses:


Each of the above short courses can be taken as a:

  • stand-alone course gaining university credits
  • stand-alone course without university credits for CPD / CME preparation.


We asked Dr Maria Valdes Hernandez, Lecturer in Medical Image Analysis and main tutor for multiple of the core short courses in this Certificate, to describe the AMIA Certificate in more detail:


  • Who is the AMIA Certificate aimed at?

    • This certificate is aimed at post-graduate (i.e. MSc and PhD) students that need to analyse images within their degrees, health and allied-health professionals who are involved in medical image analysis or want to acquire the skills for doing it, data-science students who want to understand the basis of medical image analysis and acquire skills in the basic algorithms that underpin this field, all those who want to pursue a career that involves medical image analysis and want not only to have the theoretical background but also hands-on experience in software development.


  • What can you learn in the AMIA Certificate?

    • Students will learn the fundamentals of medical image analysis, basic algorithms, and their implementation. Will also learn the principles and methods for acquiring these images, the possible errors (called artefacts) that can confound the visual and quantitative analyses involving these images, and how analyse the publications involving medical image analyses. Students will also hopefully develop skills in software development and computing programming applied to medical image analysis


  • What benefits can you get from our online study options?

    • ​​​​​​​We have more than 15 years' experience delivering online content related to Medical Image Analysis and constantly improve our courses based on the feedback received. Therefore, students will benefit from well-established distance-learning teaching materials and courses in addition to timely receiving personal feedback, the opportunity to interact with peers in forums and tutors within different activities, hands-on programming, and development of practical skills in the field of medical image analysis​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​


  • What outcomes / what can you expect at the end of the AMIA Certificate?

    • ​​​​​​​Students will hopefully be prepared for undertaking medical image analysis tasks whatever they are, and be in a better position to apply for relevant positions in academia and beyond.



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Applied Medical Image Analysis is a postgrad Certificate the Edinburgh Imaging Academy offers, comprised of short online courses available to take with or without University credit.

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