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04 Mar 22. Data at Edinburgh Imaging

Edinburgh Imaging generates a wide range of high value and rare data that we collate and analyse.

Edinburgh Imaging is a world leading multidisciplinary imaging team – a working partnership between the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian, which delivers cutting-edge research and advanced clinical services.

Edinburgh Imaging Facilities accommodate up to 7000 visits per year, across our various scanners. We analyse these scanning visits and turn them into datasets, which our academics can reuse.

This, in turn, equates to £20 – £30 million worth of data per year, covering a broad range of specialities including neurosciences, cardiac sciences, lung studies, etc.

We are currently running approximately 150 imaging projects and have many additional data analysis projects on the go, which include:

  • University of Edinburgh research studies
  • Multicentre studies
  • NHS and commercial studies, including translational technology projects


The entirety of Edinburgh Imaging data collected and analysed over the past 24 or so years, has an estimated value of over £200 million. Much of this imaging derived data is complemented by extensive, linked clinical and research information.

The academic, scientific and technical expertise based within Edinburgh Imaging encompasses a broad range of specialities: we work with around 300 staff members, students and clinicians across the University and NHS.

Besides our imaging scanners, we have state of the art retinal imaging systems and equipment, as well as our in-house radiochemistry suite and team, meaning we can produce and use radiotracers onsite as well as export for neighbouring imaging facilities.

Our radiochemistry suite is currently under refurbishment and will be back up and running later this year.



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Edinburgh Imaging generates a wide range of high value and rare data that we collate and analyse.

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