Edinburgh Imaging

Edinburgh Imaging facilities

Edinburgh Imaging Facilities (EIF) are located across four University of Edinburgh units: EIF Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (RIE), EIF Queen's Medical Research Institute (QMRI), EIF Easter Bush & EIF Preclinical.

Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI

This facility is located within the Queen’s Medical Research Institute (QMRI) at the Bioquarter campus at Little France.

Edinburgh Imaging Facility Radiochemistry

The Radiochemistry facility at the University of Edinburgh houses a cyclotron with supporting radiochemistry suites to create both GMP & research PET radiotracers.

Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE

The facility is attached to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh building close to the Division of Clinical Neurosciences (DCN) at Little France.

Edinburgh Imaging Facility Preclinical

Preclinical imaging is the visualization of living animals for research purposes, such as drug development, helping us further our understanding of various disease processes.

Edinburgh Imaging Facility Easter Bush

Veterinary students examine an xray
The Edinburgh Imaging Facility Easter Bush undertakes veterinary imaging at the Dick Vet School, the Roslin Institute and LARIF, located south of Edinburgh near the Pentland Hills.

Please find below a map we have created of the BioQuarter campus with the Edinburgh Imaging Facilities highlighted, as well as the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, to aid you in your directions whilst at the campus: