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Edinburgh Imaging Facility Radiochemistry

The Radiochemistry facility at the University of Edinburgh houses a cyclotron with supporting radiochemistry suites to create both GMP & research PET radiotracers.

EIF Radiochemistry lab

We can produce radiochemicals labelled with PET isotopes (18F, 11C & 15O).

This allows us to: 

  • Conduct PET imaging experiments & autoradiography with chemically-identical compounds
  • Develop fully translational tracers
  • Adopt locally existing radiolabelled tracers to GMP standards, for use in human in clinical studies

From Jan-Mar 2019, we are expanding our production facility to increase capacity for GMP radiopharmaceutical delivery.



The EIF Radiochemistry is co-located with our EIF QMRI which allows for close collaboration with & efficient transfer of radiochemicals to the:

  • PET-MR 3.0T Siemens Healthcare & Biograph mMR (the only PET-MR system in Scotland)
  • PET-CT 64 slice GE Healthcare & Discovery 710
  • PET-CT 128 slice Siemens Healthcare Biograph mCT

The EIF Radiochemistry is also in very close proximity to our EIF Preclinical which also allows for close collaboration with & efficient transfer of radiochemicals to the:

In addition to providing tracers for local use within the Edinburgh Imaging Facilities, we also supply more remote PET centres.



In addition to the above, we have local expertise in:

  • Data reconstruction
  • Image analysis
  • Kinetic modelling
  • HPLC metabolite quantification including
    • Arterial blood sampling
    • Input function measurement



Cyclotron   GE Healthcare
GMP Radiochemistry Suite    



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