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Meet Sinkove.

Sinkove is a marketplace for synthetic medical imaging data.


Data providers such as hospital can share data while complying with regulatory data protection guidelines. Data users can train or test AI models by browsing and downloading synthetic data. We leverage Generative AI to protect patient privacy, allowing sharing or selling medical imaging data.

The Team

Pedro P. Sanchez

Walter Pinaya

Luan Guimaraes

About Us

Pedro P. Sanchez is a last year PhD student at the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. He has +4 years in AI for healthcare at Microsoft Research, Canon Medical, GE Healthcare, Samsung Research. Walter Pinaya has +10 years of experience in AI for healthcare. He is a PostDoc at Kings College London and lead developer of MONAI Generative Models (the biggest open-source Generative AI framework in medical imaging). Luan Guimaraes has +5 years in software and cloud infrastructure, SaaS, databases. His most recent position is VP of Engineering at a data engineering startup.



Applying AI for medical imaging has tremendous potential to improve patient outcome in healthcare. However, the biggest challenge for institutions in this space (data users) is acquiring data from hospitals (data providers). Sharing personal data requires compliance with heavy regulation. Preserving privacy is a major constraint. The current solution is to create heavy legal agreements, which do not scale well to big data from several institutions.


Sinkove unlock sharing medical imaging data at scale via private synthetic data.

Our marketplace platform allows data providers to share synthetic data and data users to browse, filter and download synthetic datasets. The synthetic data can be used to train AI models, as data augmentation or even testing models trained on small real datasets. We help data providers to create a private synthetic data using Generative AI.


We aim to unlock medical imaging data for all research and commercial institutions working on AI for medical images. As of 2022, AI for medical images was a market of 1.3 billion dollars with a 30% annual growth.


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