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The Groovy Fish Co

Meet The Groovy Fish Co.


We are an engineering company focussed on advancing the aquaculture sector through artificial intelligence and precision vaccination devices.

The Team 

Suzanne Drennan

Lars Thom


Vaccination is important in mitigating disease amongst farmed fish while limiting the use of antibiotics and chemicals that would otherwise leech into the surrounding environment. However, manual vaccination is often inaccurate and can result in scale loss and laceration to the fish in addition to serious injury to the vaccinator. While automated systems do exist, they are expensive to purchase and run, require a large, covered facility, technical expertise to operate and are constrained by the size and species of fish that can be vaccinated.


We are designing a fish vaccination device. It will be a turnkey solution using low power electronics that requires no more expertise to run than a domestic smart device would. It will be compact, transportable and modularised to allow for user customisation. In addition we will use state of the art machine vision and AI technology to facilitate the vaccination of a wider range of species while collecting data that will be valuable to the customer.


Our market will be fish farms and hatcheries.


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