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SimPat aims to revolutionise medical education by providing an innovative platform that empowers medical students with immersive AI-powered simulated patient experiences and a vast library of diverse and representative patient cases. Our mission is to empower the confidence, competence, and compassion among future generations of healthcare professionals, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.


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David Bourne

About Us

We are a dynamic and motivated team at SimPat, united by our passion for revolutionizing medical education. We are a team made up of primarily medical students, looking to solve the problems we have faced ourselves when it comes to practicing for exams and future patient consultations. Beyond SimPat, we are a team with many diverse interests and career aspirations beyond clinical medicine. This is alongside a range of hobbies of travel, music, sport, and various charitable volunteering endeavors.


SimPat aims to address the shortage of accessible, engaging, and representative medical education resources and the challenges to students trying to access affordable and high-quality patient simulations and patient cases. 

These limited cases hamper their confidence and competence in managing diverse and complex patient interactions, crucial for excelling in examinations and future real-world clinical settings.


SimPat is an AI-powered platform providing immersive and diverse simulated patient experiences for medical students, along with high-quality, peer-reviewed, diverse, and representative patient cases.

Our solution aims to equip medical students with invaluable and accessible practice opportunities, nurturing their confidence, competence, and compassion as our future generation of healthcare professionals.


SimPat's market currently encompasses UK medical students, with around 50,000 in the UK alone every year, and globally, millions of aspiring doctors continually seek high-quality educational resources.

Additionally, other future healthcare professions have the potential to benefit from our unique use of AI and future developments. 


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