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Meet Excellio Labs.


Excellio Labs stand at the forefront of therapeutic revolution, where paradigm shifts from chemical medications to biological ones. We harness power of exosomes to create drug delivery tools and pave the way for personalized treatments in regenerative medicine. Co-founded by Kamila, an expert in cancer epigenetics and genome engineering, and Kasia, an industrial stem cell biologist, the startup is set to redefine therapeutic strategies.

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Excellio Labs

Kamila Malysz

Kasia Maj

About Us

Kamila is finishing her PhD in cancer epigenetics at the Roslin Institute. She also has industrial experience in genome engineering. She leads the scientific side of the business. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga, learning foreign languages and travelling. Kasia is an experienced industrial scientist, currently working on creating mini-organs from stem cells. At Excellio Labs, she leads business development, leveraging her unique blend of scientific knowledge and business skills. Outside of work, she is passionate about photography and art.


Drug delivery is one of the biggest challenges in medicine. Side-effects, lack of specificity and damage to healthy tissues are common with modern medications. Ageing population is increasingly relying on healthcare, and there is a need for more effective drug delivery tools, as well as therapies supporting healthy aging.


Our solution are engineered exosomes. Those vesicles, secreted by every cell in the body have intrinsic regenerative properties and tissue-specificity. They can be hijacked for advanced regenerative therapies and further engineered to create precise, safe and effective drug delivery systems.


We will offer engineered exosomes as drug delivery systems to pharmaceutical companies. We will also provide tissue-specific exosomes for advanced regenerative therapies to clinics, supporting healthy ageing. Our first route-to-market is cosmetic industry, due to lower regulatory requirements. Initially, we will sell our exosomes as active ingredient for cosmetic formulation.


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