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Allied Medicine Ltd.

Meet Allied Medicine Ltd.

A team of scientific, translational and clinical researchers pushing the boundaries of liquid biopsies in cancer. The team will deliver  an exquisitely sensitive cancer blood test which will facilitate best-in-class identification of minimal residual disease and cancer relapse, helping clinicians confidently establish responders and non-responders to existing and novel therapies.

The Team


Harveer Dev

Radek Lach

About Me

I am a Group leader and academic urologist in the University of Cambridge Early Cancer Institute. My group studies the molecular basis of cancer, using genetic and epigenetic insights to define tumour-specific alterations that can be used for disease detection and therapeutic stratification.


Existing methods to track a person's response to cancer treatment can be inaccurate, invasive and expensive.


To transform healthcare and expand drug eligibility through a high sensitivity low cost cancer-specific blood test.


Healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies looking for accurate ways to demonstrate response to existing and novel therapies, in standard of care and trial settings.


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