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We want to improve bioprocesses for the manufacture of value products from living cells. Our technology platform, Mean Analytics provides unparalleled insight into the biology underpinning these systems and deconvolutes the complex data generated to  provide meaningful and actionable bioprocessing insights, to enable system improvements and optimisation.

The Team

Luke Johnston

Bart Pander,

Karl Burgess

About Us

Luke is a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. He is an avid hill-walker and Munro-bagger. He is also a student consultant for 180 Degrees Consulting Edinburgh.

Karl is a Senior Lecturer in Biological Mass Spectrometry and Biological Sciences Director of Impact at the University of Edinburgh. He enjoys SCUBA diving and travelling.

Bart is a researcher at the University of Edinburgh on real-time metabolomics of bioprocesses. He previously co-founded Deep Branch inc. He likes to walk, sail, play guitar, cook, bake and ferment.


Bioprocesses form the basis of the most sustainable forms of industrial chemical production and the production of many invaluable, life-saving medicines. Bioprocesses are carried out by living cells, and are complex to optimise and control. Real-time, high quality measurements for process control parameters are essential, however most technologies allow for a very limited set of control parameters to be measured. This limits our understanding of bioprocesses and how we can optimise them.


Mean Analytics expands the range of parameters that can be measured and controlled. This permits unparalleled levels of insight into bioprocess performance and enables better process control. We provide an in-line sampling interface, on-line data interpretation and automated process control based on the information generated by Mean Analytics, to enhance and refine any bioprocess. This can de-bottleneck and de-risk the scale-up and manufacture of valuable products from living cells within the biotechnology industry.


Our technology platform could be applied to any bioprocess. We see greatest benefit to high value bioprocesses such as biopharmaceutical production, where the long development times, high risks of failure and extreme capital costs necessitate better process monitoring and control.


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