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Meet Omie Energy.

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Omie Energy is a renewable energy startup driven by the mission of providing sustainable and affordable access to energy in the most eco-friendly and cleanest form, ultimately reducing energy scarcity and achieving net-zero emissions.

The Team 

Naomi Ekpoki

Emmanuella Ekpoki:MEngSc Engineering Management

David Ebuka: PHD GeoEnergy

Gideon Oyibo: PHD Nanotechnology #

Wisdom Jacob: BEng Agricultural Engineering

Haddijatou Touray: MSc Sustainable Energy Systems

Kawsar Mustefa Abdhiramen: MSc Sustainable Energy Systems

Michael Dzine: MSc Sustainable Energy Systems

Faith Okeshola: BEng Civil Engineering

About Us

We are quite a nerdy team with amazing achievements in the renewable energy field. We are mostly occupied with research and business but some of the fun stuff we love outside work are traveling and exploring nature.


Access to affordable and reliable renewable energy in low and middle-income communities is limited due to the high cost of traditional Photovoltaic (PV) panels hindering the transition to clean energy sources. Urgent solutions are needed to address this challenge and enable a sustainable and equitable transition to green energy in the most affordable form.


With our data-driven approach and unique selection of affordable and efficient materials, we are redesigning PhotoVoltaic (PV) cells so as to deliver lower costs per produced Kilowatt-Hour.


Our customers include both rural and urban settlers in the UK and into international markets in densely populated areas with energy access issues such as Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our market comprises individuals, households, businesses, schools, hospitals, and communities seeking affordable and sustainable energy solutions.


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