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Meet Terrapin.


An alternative data provider for OTC financial instruments. 

The Team

Daniel  Dyulgerski

Miguel Jaques 



The bond market is the largest financial market in the world yet the availability, quality and price of instrument data lags far behind that of exchange-traded instruments. A big reason for that is the decentralised nature of trading of those instruments and the large number of data fields related to each bond that are described in lengthy documents. Manual data extraction, multiple data sources and few big data providers explain the lack of innovation in the data space for over-the-counter (OTC) traded instruments.


We are an alternative data provider in the OTC financial instrument space utilising fully automated workflows for collection, document extraction, validation and normalisation of data from a wide variety of sources.


Our initial strategy is to supply fintech companies and trading platforms that had been outpriced or underserved by the major providers. As our coverage expands, quality and speed improves, we can serve data directly to decision-makers on the buy-side and sell-side. Our current solutions include reference data, pricing data and document extraction software but our plan is to continue expanding our analytics suite and serve a wider audience.


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