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Meet Papcup Ltd.


Papcup is a pioneering health tech startup on a mission to revolutionize cervical cancer screening. We've developed a groundbreaking non-invasive screening tool that offers women a comfortable and accurate alternative to traditional smear tests. Our innovative solution aims to make cervical screening more accessible, patient-friendly, and cost-effective, ultimately saving lives. Join us in our journey to transform women's healthcare.

The Team


Sanziana Foia

About Me

I am a 3rd year Bioengineering PhD student at Imperial College London, where I develop wearable biosensors for antimalarial drug monitoring. Previously, I have also carried our research at the Francis Crick Institute, the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, and UCLA in California. In my spare time, I like figure skating and playing tennis.


Papcup addresses the pressing issue of declining cervical screening rates and the associated burden of cervical cancer in the UK. Traditional smear tests involve an uncomfortable and invasive cervical swab, leading to over a third of eligible women opting out of their annual screenings.


Papcup is the innovative solution for women facing discomfort and anxiety during traditional cervical screenings. Our non-invasive tool, with PCR-grade precision, detects cancer-causing HPV strains in menstrual blood. With Papcup, we're transforming cervical screening, enhancing patient comfort, and making healthcare more cost-effective.


Papcup serves a vast market of women in the UK who seek a more comfortable and non-invasive alternative to traditional cervical smear tests. With an estimated 5.1 million eligible women annually and a potential for global expansion, Papcup addresses a substantial and growing healthcare need.


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