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Moxie's business idea is to provide an innovative energy management solution that leverages smart technology, real-time data, and blockchain-backed cryptocurrency to optimize energy consumption, enable renewable energy integration, and empower individuals and businesses to actively participate in the transition to a sustainable future.


The Team

Adrian Jonas

Jasmine Lau

William Aynsley

Simon Reeves

Henry Rank

Akshay Vaddi

Sara-Nel Unal

About Us 

Adrian Jonas - PhD student, R&I CoP Committee member at the IChemE, and Treasurer for the UoE IEEE society.

Jasmine Lau - Qualified Firefighter, Music Scholar, and Royal Naval Reservist.

William Aynsley - PDGE from Oxford, Mathematics Tutor, and Co-founder of the Imperial Skateboarding society.

Simon Reeves - Advanced Process Engineer, Officer Cadet at the Royal Navy, and English Teacher to Chinese students with the Beijing normal University.

Henry Rank - Rugby Player, Crime fighter (Yorkshire and Humber police), and Operation Data Engineer.

Akshay Vaddi - Biriyani Lover, Chef, and Cricket fanatic Sara-Nel Unal - Academic Tutor, Language Lover, and Modern-day Business Woman


Moxie addresses two key challenges: making renewable energy affordable and inspiring climate change action. They optimize energy demand, reduce costs, and promote renewable energy adoption. By providing real-time insights and empowering individuals to make sustainable choices, Moxie engages people in the transition to renewable energy. Their holistic approach fosters a sense of responsibility and collective commitment to combating climate change.


Moxie's solution automates device control based on grid demand using smart plugs. It gathers training data for monitoring electrical transactions and integrates blockchain-backed MoxieCoins, incentivizing renewable energy generation and global trading tied to electricity prices.


Our customers are domestic homes and small-medium sized enterprises. The market for Moxie's solution is significant, as approximately 40% of the energy market has yet to adopt this technology. Moxie has already gained customer engagement through letters of support from reputable organizations, including early adopters with projects starting in September 2023.


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