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Eagle Ray Robotics

Meet Eagle Ray Robotics.


Eagle Ray Robotics: Innovating Underwater Robotics for a Sustainable Future. The startup is at the forefront of underwater robotics technology, specialising in the development of advanced underwater drones for various sectors, including marine research, environmental monitoring, and offshore construction. 

Our drones are designed with a focus on manoeuverability, energy efficiency, and operational versatility. This not only addresses the current challenges faced by traditional underwater drones but also opens up new possibilities for deep-sea exploration and environmental conservation efforts.  Eagle Ray Robotics is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the complex demands of underwater operations while promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

The Team

Nicholas Thomas

Stephen Jordan

Giuseppe Costantino. 

About Us

Chief Commercial Officer, Stephen Jordan has expertise in commercial operations and law is vital for the strategic direction and growth of Eagle Ray Robotics Ltd. As Chief Operations Officer, Nicholas Thomas's experience in technology, software, and immersive engineering is central to the operational efficiency of the company. Giuseppe Costantino is the CEO, CTO and inventor. His leadership is instrumental in guiding the overall vision and technological direction of Eagle Ray Robotics Ltd. His experience as a fighter jet pilot and expert in UAVs provides a unique perspective on innovative technologies and high-stakes decision-making!  This is a robust leadership team. The combination of skills in commercial strategy, operational efficiency, and technological innovation underpins their ability to develop advanced underwater robotics solutions and navigate the complexities of the market effectively. 


Underwater exploration and operations face significant challenges. Conventional underwater drones are often limited in their maneuverability and energy efficiency, especially when dealing with complex tasks or handling heavy objects. This not only limits their operational scope but also leads to increased energy usage and reduced effectiveness in critical missions. 


Eagle Ray Robotics is addressing these challenges with a groundbreaking underwater drone design. Our drone is uniquely engineered to improve mobility and operational efficiency in underwater environments. Through advanced engineering and innovative technology, our drone enhances maneuverability and reduces energy consumption, making it more effective for a variety of underwater tasks. This includes deep-sea exploration, infrastructure inspection, and environmental monitoring, among others. 


Marine biology, offshore construction, and environmental monitoring sectors. Our technology has the potential to greatly enhance the scope and effectiveness of underwater operations, contributing to advancements in various sectors reliant on marine exploration and monitoring. 



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