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Meet RideScan.


RideScan is a pioneering deep-tech startup focused on enhancing the safety and reliability of autonomous systems. Drawing inspiration from human cognitive processes, our flagship product is an attachable safety device designed for autonomous robots and self-driving vehicles. By interpreting raw telemetry data without the need for additional sensors or accessing proprietary systems, RideScan provides human users with real-time insights into machine behaviour. Whether you're a manufacturer refining your vehicle's autonomy, a regulator establishing industry standards, or a user aiming for increased trust in your robot, RideScan is your partner in ensuring safety remains paramount.

The Team 

Shivoh Chirayil Nandakumar

About Me

Shivoh is a Ph.D. researcher specializing in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the National Robotarium in Edinburgh. When he's not working with robots or programming AI, you can likely find him hiking in the mountains or teaching robotics to children.


With the introduction of ChatGPT, it's evident that while AI is smart, it can also 'hallucinate'. While such hallucinations might be seen as a feature or flaw in a chatbot, they pose a more profound concern for the future. Consider the potential dangers if self-driving cars or autonomous robots were to 'hallucinate' and assert their correctness, even when they are clearly mistaken. Such scenarios could have life-threatening consequences.


RideScan is an attachable privacy-compliant safety device designed for autonomous robots and self-driving vehicles. Drawing inspiration from human instincts—our innate ability to spot changes in familiar environments—this device harnesses advanced data analysis on raw telemetry data. It does this without the need for additional sensors or delving into proprietary systems. The real beauty of RideScan? While the autonomous machines operate, our device directs its insights not to the machines, but to humans, ensuring we have constant oversight of unexpected situations that may have been mishandled by the autonomous system. In an automated world, RideScan empowers humans to be the final safeguard, cementing trust and safety in every journey.


  • Self-Driving Vehicle Manufacturers: Enhance debugging sessions by integrating RideScan along with FTA, paving the way for continuous improvement in autonomous systems.
  • Regulatory Authorities: Establish standardized benchmarks for acceptable autonomous vehicle behaviours using RideScan's insights.
  • Autonomous Robot Users: Boost trust and ensure reliable executions, making autonomous operations smoother and more dependable.


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