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We are developing effective computational models, which have broad applicability and can be used in conjunction with high-resolution spectroscopy devices, to provide greater, real time, physiological characterisation of the tissue.

Alex Adams

The Team 

Alex Adams

Dr Sohan Seth

Dr Andras Kufcsak

Prof Kev Dhaliwal 


At present, early-stage cancer detection can be ambiguous, with un-certain results, often subjecting the patients to routine screening leading to a ‘wait and see’ diagnosis. In addition, there are currently minimal real time tools which predict whether the tumour is responding to treatment.


Our solution uses novel high-resolution fluorescence un-mixing algorithms, which will provide additional metabolic information of the tissue, assisting clinicians with enhanced information about the underlying disease.


Our un-mixing algorithms equip researchers, clinicians, and healthcare pioneers to delve deeper into the origin of tissue fluorescence. With broad applications from treatment prediction to precision diagnostics, our technology addresses the evolving needs of a diverse and dynamic market.


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