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Meet AEONOX Pathology.

We are providing a service for companies developing new cancer therapies, providing bespoke testing services using live patient tumour slices to directly analyse therapeutic efficacy. We are also developing a clinical arm, gathering evidence for the use of tumour slice analysis for selection of treatments pre- or post surgery. Our company is service based, leveraging connections with local hospitals combined with unique technological experience.

The Team 

Alice Evans

Prof. Eric O'Neill

About Us

I'm a third year PhD student at Oxford working on using live patient tumour slices to test a CAR-T cell therapy for pancreatic cancer. My co-founder is my PI - Prof. Eric O'Neill. I'm really keen to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and VC when I finish my PhD. Alongside work I'm a keen triathlete and am competing in my first ironman next year!



Often cancer therapies show promising results early on but fail in clinical trials. This is partly due to a lack of representative preclinical models. Current models lack representation of patient variation, diverse cell populations and solid tumour structure - we want to change this.


We are using live tumour slices directly from patients to test cancer therapies. We want to provide this as a service to help companies developing new treatments to fast-track their progress to clinical trial. We have also shown that individual patient response to therapy can be predicted by their tumour slices, so are developing this as a diagnostic aid to help inform treatment decisions.


We can help biotech and pharma companies developing novel therapies for solid tumours. We have developed testing of chemo, immune and cellular therapies but are constantly expanding.


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