Undergraduate entry requirements by country

United States of America

Undergraduate entry requirements for students from United States of America.

To qualify for entry, you must meet general entry requirements, specific requirements for your chosen degree programme/major (where applicable) and meet English language requirements.

English language requirements

The University of Edinburgh accepts a wide range of qualifications for entry - most commonly for US students this will be a combination of US standardised test scores. If you are taking another curriculum such as the International Baccalaureate or French Baccalaureate, please see:

Undergraduate entry requirements

Test score requirements

All subjects require three standardised test scores, and these can be a variety of different combinations provided they are in different subjects.

At the point you apply, you do not need to have achieved all of these requirements, but you should be aiming to complete the requirements in your senior year. Please list on your UCAS application form all of the tests you have taken and intend to take.

Achieving the following grades will not guarantee you a place at Edinburgh, but will make you a competitive applicant. Please note, our Admissions Office will consider the other aspects of your application, such as the personal statement.

Examples of our minimum entry requirements in the standardised tests are:

  • ACT score of 27 plus two AP scores at 4 or two SAT subject tests at 650
  • SAT score of 1290+ (650+ in Evidence based reading and Writing and 620+ in Math) plus two AP scores at 4 or two SAT subject tests at 650
  • 3 AP scores at 4+
  • 3 SAT Subject Test scores of 650+
  • A combination of the AP and SAT, such as 1 AP score at 4+ and 2 SAT Subject Tests at 650+

Students should submit all of their test scores, and our Admission Offices will consider the highest scores submitted for each. Please note, the University of Edinburgh does not Superscore the ACT but will consider a Superscore for the new and old SAT. The optional essay sections are not required.

A combination of AP and SAT Subject tests are acceptable, provided they are in different subjects. For example, AP French and SAT Physics are acceptable as two scores, but AP French and SAT French are only considered once.

Please note AP scores are used for admissions purposes only, and no advanced credit is awarded as there is no core curriculum in Scotland. AP Research is not accepted as meeting one of the three required.

Subject specific requirements

Many of our degree programmes require that you have some experience of the subject at high school. This means that one or more of your three standardised test scores, must include specific subject requirements, such as an AP score or SAT subject test in a certain subject relevant to the degree you are applying to.

Please check the following information and web pages for your subject specific requirements. If your subject is not listed e.g. International Relations, this means there are no specific subject test requirements.

Arts, Humanities & Science subjects

Subject specific requirements for Arts, Humanities & Science

Science & Engineering

Subject specific requirements for Science & Engineering

Medicine & Vet Medicine

Veterinary Medicine

3 APs at 4+ or 3 SAT Subject Test scores of 650+ in Chemistry, Biology and either Maths/Physics would be required. If Physics has not been studied as part of the AP/SAT tests, candidates must also provide evidence of a class at a minimum of Grade B+ or equivalent in this subject for consideration by the admissions office.

All applicants to Veterinary Medicine will be expected to have relevant practical experience of handling animals.  

For Medicine (MBChB)
1. Entry direct from high school

Medicine has higher minimum entry requirements:

  • At least 3 APs at 5 or 3 SAT Subject Tests at 700+

    • These must include Chemistry and two of Biology, Math/Calculus or Physics
  • Scores can be a combination of APs and SAT subject tests.

We may also consider routes other than standardised tests, based on school curriculum - prospective applicants should contact the Medical Admissions Office prior to application for advice on this.

Medical Admissions Office

Applicants for Medicine must also take the UKCAT.

Find out more about the UKCAT
2. Graduate Entry after completing an undergraduate/bachelor’s degree

Pass in a 4-year undergraduate degree with a science major and a GPA of 3.4 or better plus, an overall total MCAT score of 508 to include a minimum of:

  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems - 128
  • Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behaviour - 126
  • Chemistry and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems - 128
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills - 126

Applicants for Medicine must also take the UKCAT.

Find out more about the UKCAT

Biomedical Sciences 

Subject specific requirements for Biomedical Sciences include both Biology and Chemistry. This can either be an AP Exam at 4 or 5 or SAT Subject Test at 650+.

Sending your scores

We do not require a copy of your high school transcript to be sent (unless requested) but once you have applied you should send us your official score reports:

College Board/SAT/AP scores: 0917

ACT: 5390

Further information on sending your scores can be found on the ACT, SAT and AP websites.

ACT Website

SAT Website 

AP Website

Applicant support

Further support on admissions is available from College Admissions Teams and Edinburgh Global.

College Admissions Contacts

Staff in the Admissions Offices will be able to provide further guidance on Admissions.

College Admissions Contacts

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