Undergraduate entry requirements by region


Undergraduate entry requirements for applicants from Switzerland.

We welcome applications from students with the Certificat de Maturité Federale / Maturitätszeugnis/ Attestato Di Maturità at grade 5 or above for most subjects.

Further specific requirements depend on the programme.

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

For degree programmes in Arts, Humanities & Social Science subjects applicants should have grade 5 overall and at least three subjects at grade 5.

Degree finder - Arts, Humanities and Social Science programmes

Medicine and Veterinary Medicine


For Medicine, Certificat de Maturité Federale / Maturitätszeugnis / Attestato De Maturità with a grade 6 in science subjects (to include Chemistry and one from Biology, Mathematics or Physics) and grade 5 in the non-science subjects.

Admissions information - Medicine

In addition to the minimum academic criteria, you are also required to meet non-academic entry requirements in terms of skills, experience and motivation.

Non-academic entry requirements

You are also required to sit the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) in the summer before you submit your UCAS application. Details of the test and how your result is used in the selection process are available on the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine website.

UCAT requirement

Veterinary Medicine

Certificat de Maturité Federale / Maturitätszeugnis / Attestato De Maturità with 6s in science subjects (to include Chemistry and Biology) and 5s in the non-sciences.

If Physics has not been studied as part of the above qualifications, candidates must also provide evidence of a qualification at a minimum SQA Standard Grade 2 or GCSE Grade B or equivalent in this subject.

Non-academic requirements

All candidates must complete and return a Work Experience Summary (WES) as part of their application.

Biomedical Sciences & Medical Sciences

For Biomedical Sciences & Medical Sciences, Certificat de Maturité Federale / Maturitätszeugnis/ Attestato Di Maturità at grade 5 overall, and grade 5 and 6 in Biology and Chemistry (this can be either way around).

If the required subjects are not present within the qualification we would require them as A Levels.

Science and Engineering

For degree programmes in Science and Engineering, applicants should have grade 5 overall and grade 5 in all required subjects, or 6 where we require a grade A at SQA Higher/GCE A level.

To check for required subjects, applicants should find the programme they want to apply for in the online degree finder - required subjects and SQA Higher/GCE A level grades are listed for each programme.

Degree finder - Science and Engineering programmes

English Language requirements

All applicants are required to demonstrate a level of English language competency, regardless of their nationality or country of residence. These requirements are listed by programme.

English Language advice

Specific English language requirement by programme

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