Undergraduate entry requirements by region

Other countries

Undergraduate entry requirements for students from all other African countries.

Students from Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Namibia, Rwanda and all other African countries are admitted to the University of Edinburgh with a range of qualifications: GCE A Levels, the IB, the American High School Diploma with SAT's or AP's and other recognised regional systems.

College of Science and Engineering

The College of Science and Engineering accepts some secondary school qualifications from certain countries that they are able to consider plus the completion of internal admissions tests.

On applying to a programme in the College of Science and Engineering with the following secondary school qualification, internal admissions tests will be sent to you in order gain a better understanding of your capabilities in your preferred study area.

Specific country entry requirements


The Cameroonian GGCE is normally considered as a grade to grade comparison with UK A levels. Applicants should normally meet the minimum A-level requirements listed on each degree programme page for direct entry.

Cameroon - College of Science and Engineering

Applicants with an overall average of 14/20 in the Cambridge Baccalaureate, including required subjects, will be considered for entry on successful completion of internal admissions tests. Suitable English language qualification required.


We consider the Certificate of Nile International Secondary Education (CNISE). Entry requirements for CNISE candidates are three Level 3 exams at specific grades. CNISE Level 3 exams equate directly to the GCE A Levels referred to in the prospectus so please refer to individual degree programmes for subject and grade requirements. Where a subject is required at GCSE level, this should be achieved at the equivalent grade at Level 1.

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The Rwanda Advanced Certificate of Education (A-level) is not currently considered as a grade to grade comparison with UK A-levels and therefore is not normally considered for direct entry.

The Rwandan GCE O Level Grade C in English is normally regarded as having met our English Language requirements.

Other qualifications

Applicants with the other qualifications will usually be required to complete a foundation year. In addition, all applicants are required to demonstrate proficiency in English language, holding one of the accepted qualifications listed.

Types of other qualifications

English Language requirements

All applicants are required to demonstrate a level of English language competency, regardless of their nationality or country of residence. These requirements are listed by programme.

English Language advice

Specific English language requirement by programme

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There are around 475 students from Africa currently studying at the University of Edinburgh.