International applicants

Our visits overseas

Meet us in your home country. We regularly travel to support potential international students and partners abroad.

Activities include: representation at fairs and exhibitions; public presentations; offer-holder events; institutional visits; working with our agent network and student consultations.

Upcoming overseas trips
Dates 2018 Country/Region   Staff member
4 - 9 October Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali; school fairs and agent visits)   Louise Zeelenberg
8 - 10 October   Ghana (Accra; Agent exhibition)   Nick Rowland
9 October  Canada (Toronto; School Visits and Agent Visits)   Aly Stewart
10 – 13 October  Canada (Ottawa; RIC Fair, Institutional Fairs and Individual Appointments)   Aly Stewart
11 - 12 October Nigeria (Abuja; Agent exhibition)    Nick Rowland
13 - 15 October    Nigeria (Lagos; Agent exhibition)   Nick Rowland
14 – 16  October  Canada (Toronto; RIC Fair, School Visits and Individual Appointments)   Aly Stewart
15 October Pakistan, Karachi  (Alumni Event and School visits)   Harish Lokhun
16 October Pakistan, Karachi (British Council Study UK Exhibition)    Harish Lokhun
17 October Pakistan, Islamabad (School Visits, Agent Visit and Chevening Presentation for Prospective Applicants and Individual Appointments)   Harish Lokhun
18 October Pakistan, Islamabad (British Council Study UK Exhibition and Alumni Event)   Harish Lokhun
18 - 24 October Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur; British Council fair, school visits, agent visits)   Louise Zeelenberg
19-20 October Pakistan, Islamabad (University Visits, School Visits and Individual Appointments)   Harish Lokhun
22-23 October Pakistan, Lahore (School Visits and University Visits)   Harish Lokhun
24 October Pakistan, Lahore (British Council Study UK Exhibition)   Harish Lokhun
25-27 October Pakistan, Lahore (School Visits, University Visits, Individual Appointments, Agent Visit and Alumni Event)   Harish Lokhun
30 October - 4 November Turkey (Istanbul; British Council Exhibition)   Robbie Willis
7 – 8 November Canada (Montreal; Institutional Fairs and Individual Appointments)   Aly Stewart
7 - 14 November Thailand (Bangkok; OCSC Fair, agent fairs)   Louise Zeelenberg
1 - 8 November Chile (Santiago; Individual Appointments)   Tessa Bell
8 - 11 November Indonesia (Bandung, Jakarta; European Higher Education Fair)   Jenny Thacker & Rhiannon Pilkington
9 – 11 November  USA (Northampton/Amherst; Institutional Visits and Individual Appointments)   Aly Stewart
9 - 16 November Mexico (Mexico City and Monterrey; Europosgrados, School visits & individual appointments)   Tessa Bell
13 November   Indonesia (Yogyakarta; European Higher Education Fair)   Rhiannon Pilkington
13 – 14 November  USA (Chicago; International College Options)   Aly Stewart
15 – 16 November USA (Denver; International College Options and Individual Appointments)   Aly Stewart
15 - 17 November Singapore (Agent visits and fairs)   Louise Zeelenberg
3 - 7 December USA (Connecticut; School visits & individual appointments)   Dr Chris Mowat

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