Business travel

University policies

Policies which relate to travelling on University business

Human Resources

Leave and unauthorised absence policies;

The policies on leave and unauthorised absences may be helpful for managers who have staff who travel on University business.

Leave and absence policy



Staff expenses policies;

Specific guidance on levels of reimbursement and allowable costs is available on the webpage linked below;

Staff expenses information on Finance website


Travel insurance must be obtained prior to travel. Staff can request insurance from the Insurance Office using their online form.

Health and Safety

University Health and Safety Policy

The University Health and Safety policy should be followed as much as possible even when travelling abroad. 

Travel plan

More specific health and safety guidance is also available including a Travel Plan form and overseas travel risk assessments.

Travel Plan form

Travel Risk Assessment (PDF)

Travel Risk Assessment (Word)

The risk assessment contains an annexe on advice when travelling to areas with high environmental air pollution