Business travel

Driving and transport abroad

Specific University guidance and external links for staff driving or undertaking other travel whilst abroad on University business.

Travelling whilst abroad including taxi advice

  • Where possible book all tickets in advance from this country, from reputable organisations.
  • Always use licensed taxi cabs, never travel in an unlicensed taxi with an unlicensed driver.
  • Wherever possible book taxis to pick you up from a specified location rather than hail them in the street.
  • Do not be afraid to challenge the driver and ask to see his cab drivers licence.

Driving abroad

  • Does your license entitle you to drive your chosen type of vehicle in that country (UK licenses are not universally accepted)?
  • Do you need an International Driving Permit to drive abroad?
  • Check the local driving laws, including speed limits and which side of the road they drive on.
  • Are you the correct age to drive in that country (different countries have different minimum driving age requirements)?
  • Have you arranged suitable insurance?
  • Have you booked your hire vehicle via a reputable provider?
  • Undertake a thorough safety check of the vehicle before taking possession at the hire company

University Vehicle Policy

The University's Vehicle Policy sets out the conditions for the use of University vehicles outside the UK for business purposes.

University Vehicle Policy, section 3.6 University Vehicles Abroad.

FCO Advice on Driving Abroad

The FCO issue guidance on driving abroad, including information on insurance, green card requirements, international driving permits, hiring vehicles, motorbikes, pedestrians, buses and coaches.