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Travel plan and Risk Assessments

Guidance and templates for travel plan and risk assessment

Travel plan and risk assessment

In general terms, all University activities which are potentially hazardous should be subject to a risk assessment, and business travel is no exception to this, and as such it is the responsibility of the Head of School (or equivalent) to ensure that systems are in place to address this. However, we must take a proportionate approach to this and focus and prioritise on higher risk activities.

UK low risk travel

Low risk travel within the UK for example to recognised institutions or conferences in the UK for one or two individuals, will not need a formal risk assessment but does require some planning and management. Part 1 of the Travel plan and risk assessment RA1 form should be used to record basic details of the travel and purpose of this travel. The use of Calendar in recording these details is also a good idea, simply so that we know where the individual is and when they are expected to return.

Where higher risk activities in the UK is involved, then this should be subject to a risk assessment, part 2 of the above form should therefore be completed. The detail required will depend on the activity that is being planned and should include the contact details of all travellers, along with an outline plan for foreseeable problems such as accident, loss of baggage or unexpected illness as well as the risks associated with the activities.

UK with high hazards and International travel

If international travel is involved the risk assessment process should be comprehensive, with a detailed travel itinerary, accommodation and work destination details and contacts, and perhaps a check in procedure as the trip progresses, along with plans for the reasonably foreseeable events outlined above.

Bear in mind that any travel risk assessment should address hazards associated not only with the travel, also those with the local situation (for example political unrest), and those with the work activities at the destination. If any of these represent a significant hazard then that may influence the required detail of the risk assessment for any of the situations outlined above.

The Travel Plan and Risk Assessment: RA1 form can be used for both types of travel, with Part 1 being completed for UK travel and continuing with Part 2 for UK travel with high hazards and international travel as well as for uploading into the Travel Insurance application form.

Template documentation

Travel Plan and Risk Assessment: RA1 (Word)

The risk assessment contains an annexe on advice when travelling to areas with high environmental air pollution