Mail Services

University Porters deliver mail to all University buildings at no charge to the sending department.

The University Post Room locations are in Old College (Central) (0131 650 8008), James Clerk Maxwell Building (KB and peripheral areas) (0131 650 8600), and Easter Bush Campus Service Centre (0131 651 7358). 

Internal mail

University Porters deliver mail to all University buildings at no charge to the sending department. Where an internal envelope is not available, please mark the front of the envelope with D-/. This will identify the envelope as requiring internal delivery rather than external delivery.

External mail

Every department is allocated a departmental stamp which should be used on the back of the envelope being sent. This ensures that the cost of posting is recharged to the correct department and that it is immediately dealt with as external rather than internal mail.

When sending multiple envelopes, please ensure all envelopes are stamped with the departmental stamp. If you wish to request new, replacement or additional stamps, please contact the Senior Janitor for Central or KB and peripheral areas

All mail is processed second class via the Royal Mail unless First Class or Tracking is required, see Domestic UK Postage for more details.


International postage 

From 1st January 2021 there are changes to how you send and receive items from abroad. 

When sending goods abroad, customers must now attach a customs declaration (CN22 Value up to £270 or CN23 Value over £270), available from Old College Post Room. If you have any queries please contact or call extension 508008. 

Classroom Support 

Mail Services are carried out by our Servitorial teams,  they also provide a variety of services within buildings across the University, these include:

  • Opening and closing of buildings
  • Setting up rooms for lectures, tutorials and meetings
  • Small equipment and furniture moved within and between buildings

Any of these services can be requested by contacting the relevant Senior Janitor: 

Name Phone Email
Rafik Bakhat (Senior Janitor - King's Buildings and Peripheral Areas) 0131 650 8601

George Tod (Senior Janitor - Old College Area) 0131 650 2157
Ryan Tudor (Senior Janitor - George Square Area) 0131 650 8300
Graham Strachan (Senior Janitor - Edinburgh College of Art and Teviot Areas) 0131 651 5900
Kris Tod (Senior Janitor - Holyrood Area) 0131 651 6028
David Strachan (Senior Janitor - Easter Bush Campus) 0131 651 7358