Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services provide a professional and pro-active cleaning service across the estate.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services are divided into cleaning areas run by Cleaning Supervisors. These Supervisors have responsibility for ensuring that cleaning is delivered in line with the service level agreements.

How to contact the Cleaning Manager in your area:

Name  Contact details 

Peter Thomson

Area Manager - Central Area

0131 651 3773

Eoin Moar

Area Manager - King's Buildings and Peripheral Areas

0131 650 7540

Nicola Tait

Campus Site Manager, Easter Bush Campus

0131 651 9468

Scott Mackinnon

Cleaning Supervisor based in Paterson's Land

0131 650 4185

Lisa Anderson 

Cleaning Supervisor based at Old College


Michael Bale 

Cleaning Supervisor based in the Main Library

0131 651 1729

Marion Harper

Cleaning Supervisor based in Dugald Stewart Building

0131 651 4030

George Whittaker

Cleaning Supervisor based at Centre for Sport and Exercise

0131 650 2573

Katarzyna Latka

Cleaning Supervisor based in 34 Buccleuch Place 


Laura Mas

Cleaning Supervisor based in Medical School

0131 650 4456

Lisa Adams

Cleaning Supervisor based in Edinburgh College of Art

0131 651 5835

Rona Delaney

Cleaning Supervisor based in 40 George Square

0131 651 3295

Phil Dickson 

Cleaning Supervisor based at Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI)

John Williamson

Cleaning Supervisor based at JCMB

0131 650 6011

Daniel McKinley

Cleaning Supervisor based at Sanderson

0131 650 7435

Thomas Vasvary 

Cleaning Supervisor based at SRUC

 0782 450 5612

Everton Bazilio

Cleaning Supervisor based at the Nucleus

Lynn Duff

Cleaning Supervisor based at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer

0131 537 1566

Angela Duke

Cleaning Supervisor based at BioQuarter

0131 242 9465

Lee Goulding

Cleaning Supervisor based at Swann

0131 650 7895

Michelle Thomson 

Cleaning Supervisor based at Easter Bush Campus

Anna Forrest

Cleaning Supervisor based at Easter Bush Campus

Outdoor Cleaners

A team of Outdoor Cleaners ensure that the gardens and other outdoor areas are kept clean and tidy. Special cleans can be arranged for departments, at a small charge, for high profile events.

Contact the Waste Office for more information. 

Window Cleaning

Abseiling window cleaner on David Hume Tower

Windows across the whole estate are cleaned on a bi-annual basis. Large buildings are cleaned using a specialist team of abseilers.

Cleaning Productivity

Staffing levels for each building have been calculated using the latest cleaning productivity programme to ensure that productivity standards are consistent across the estate, taking into consideration building usage.

Monitoring Standards

We monitor cleaning standards using the Servicetrac quality control programme.

Inspections are carried out by Supervisors regularly and these are then used to produce monthly reports on the standard being produced across the University. This information is then used to target the areas that require extra attention.