Maintenance Services

The Trades Maintenance Unit carries out repairs and maintenance to buildings throughout the University.

Multi-disciplinary teams are based in five locations:

  • Pollock Halls
  • Central Area
  • Easter Bush & BioQuarter
  • King's Buildings
  • Holyrood

All fault reporting and requests for repairs and maintenance should be made through EBIS, the on-line fault reporting system.

To find the fault reporting representative for your building, follow this link and choose "faults" from the "Contact type" drop-down box.

Search for my fault reporting representative

To contact your area team for updates on job progress please email the Estates Helpdesk  at or call 0131 650 2494.

Job response times

We are committed to carrying out all job requests within the following timescales.

If for any reason there is an unavoidable delay, we will contact you with an estimate of the revised job completion time.

Priority Event Normal working hours (0800 – 1700) Outwith normal working hours
Emergency An event that creates an immediate and serious risk to life and health and safety or to building fabric and plant 1 hour 2 hours
Urgent An event, that if not rectified promptly, may give rise to an emergency or which causes an immediate material disruption to the University Within 1 working day N/A
Routine – High Priority An event that, if not rectified, is reasonably likely to give material interference, or disruption of University activities Within 7 days N/A
Routine – Low Priority An event other than an Emergency, Urgent or Priority Within 21 days N/A