Servitorial and Ceremonial Services

Information on the Servitorial Services of the University.

Contact us

Name Phone Email
Steve Downes (Servitorial Services Manager - Central Area) 0131 650 8446
Rafik Bakhat (Senior Janitor - King's Buildings and Peripheral Areas)  0131 650 8601
Liam Forsyth (Senior Janitor - King's Buildings) 0131 650 8601 
Mario Rodriguez (Senior Janitor - King's Buildings) 0131 650 8601
George Tod (Senior Janitor - Old College Area)     0131 650 2157
Graham Strachan (Senior Janitor - Edinburgh College of Art, Teviot Areas and Edinburgh Future Institute) 0131 651 5900
Kris Tod (Senior Janitor - Holyrood Area) 0131 651 6028
Ryan Tudor (Senior Janitor – George Square) 0131 650 8300
David Strachan (Senior Janitor - Easter Bush Campus) 0131 651 7358
George Muir (Senior Janitor - Main Library, backshift)  0131 650 7358
Paul Henry (Senior Janitor - Main Library, backshift) 
Gary Connell (Senior Janitor - Main Library, nightshift) 
Susan Henderson (Senior Janitor - Main Library, nightshift)


The servitorial section is divided into areas run by Senior Janitors. They provide a variety of services within buildings across the University, these include:

  • Opening and closing of buildings
  • Setting up rooms for lectures, tutorials and meetings
  • Small equipment and furniture moved within and between buildings

Any of these services can be requested by contacting the relevant Senior Janitor above.


University Servitors carry out all uniformed ceremonial duties within the University.

During graduations, the Bedellus and Staff Bearer take part in the procession and invite graduates to approach the Principal to have their degree conferred. Additional Servitors are there to ensure guests are guided to their required seats for the ceremony.